Choosing project licence, is it really simple?

I have to admit, that I’ve never before think about choosing licence for my projects, but this time setting up new project on GitHub I decided to stay longer on choosing licences from given list(picture below). I have made this decision, because I wanted to learn sth new about differences in using many types of licences.


At the beggining I know, that my project has to be open source. GitHub created very helpfull page with great address choose a license dot com, where are expleined the differences between MIT, Apache 2.0 and GNU v3.0.

  • MIT – short liberal licence. It lets people do anything they want with your code as long as they provide attribution back to you and don’t hold you liable. Examples of usage: jQuery and .NET Core
  • Apache 2.0 – similar to MIT with difference, it provides an express grant of patent rights from contributors to users. Examples of usage: Apache, Swift and Android.
  • GNU v3.0 – requires anyone who distributes your code or a derivative work to make the source available under the same terms(read also open source in my case). Examples of usage: WordPress, Linux, and Bash

When licences are used there is need to attach copyright header at the beginning of the every source file included in the project. Content of the licence also should be included among project files.

This time I chose None licence (I think my choice was dictated by the fact, that I’m lazy), which is equivalent with choosing Public Domain licence. That’s mean everyone can change my code and apply it to own projects, but I do not have obligation to insert copyright headers to my code files 🙂

During project development I may change decision and choose other licence kind.

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