ASP.NET Core 1.0 First steps

In this week at last I installed Visual Studio 2015 on my computer.

Then I installed Asp.NET Core 1.0 RC1(Release Candidate 1), which was released in November 2015. According to the roadmap RTM(Ready To Manufacture) version should be available approximately Q3 2016.

I run Visual Studio and add new project ASP.NET 5 to my solution. I chose authentication as Individual User Accounts and after project creation let nuget restore many packages including EF7.

When I clicked to Debug my app on IIS Express, Visual opens browser with new page, but what is interesting in Visual I can see Diagnostic Tools bookmark:

Diagnostic Tools

It shows diagram of memory usage by process, when GarbageCollector runs, which generation, duration of run and if was forced/unforced(show it after mouse hover the yellow object). It also shows percentage of all processors usage. Cool!

Short description of project’s components is on docs asp dot net.

To run web page without using Visual Studio, then DNX(Microsoft .NET Execution Environment) must be used. It provides host process, CLR hosting logic and can run also other types of .NET apps.

More about DNX, DNU, DNVM and other ASP.NET names You can read there.

I have published my newly created website to Azure on financialdata azurewebsites net

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