Use Double loop TDD in Core 1.0 part II

After  some problems with double loop TDD it is time to some more errors.

As I mentioned in previous post with double loop TDD I created test project with BDD tests written in BDDfy. When I tried to compile the solution I realize that I do not add a reference to the tested project based on Core 1.0 template. And here problems comes, because Visual Studio do not let me to add this project reference. Incompatibility in .Net Framework versions 😉


Then I realize I must create special test project with compatible version to Core 1.0. Instead of choosing ‚Test + Class Library’ You have to pick up ‚Web + Class Library’ and do not worry about the above .NET Framework 4.6, the project will be created properly 🙂CreateTestProjectForWeb

Then I have added reference to existing template Core 1.0 project and try to build. Unfortunately Visual gave me dependency errors:


Then I came to EntityFramework official issue about adding EF to DLL project. Changes proposed in above issue not helped me solve dependency problem 🙁 I found out solution in xunit page’s note that in project.json I must change ‚dotnet5.4’ to ‚dnxcore50’. Then project builds properly, oh YES!

After all, to the test project, I moved classes created in part I of double loop TDD and then tried to build again. It occurs that both the Coypu and BDDfy do not have support to Core 1.0 RC1 and I must to let go with integration tests with that form.

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